SQLite is an open source lightweight database engine. It has a very small footprint for the database file. You may find more information about SQLite at the SQLite Website. SQLite and Firebird are the best ones for embeded databases. Postgres and MySQL are better suited for client/server architecture comparing to SQLite and Firebird. At Cherry City Software you may find MySQL OLE DB Provider and Firebird OLE DB Provider.

SQLite provides a command line application to manage databases. SQLite library comes with API's. The SQLite OLE DB Provider is a thin wrapper of those SQLite Version 3.2.7+ API's. This provider is being implemented with ATL OLE DB Provider templates so that the provider itself has very small footprint even though the provider does not have many dependencies. It only depends on SQLite library along with Windows OS runtime. You may use ADO or ADO.NET 2.0 to access data with SQLite OLE DB Provider.

Using this data provider, Cherry City Software created a .NET log utility named CherryLog4Net to store log information for other .NET applications.


The following are the features that this SQLite OLE DB Provider supports:

SQLite Provider Connection String

Provider=OleSQLite.SQLiteSource; Data Source=DatabaseFileFullPath;


Working with SQLite OLE DB Provider

Using ADO or ADO.NET to work with SQLite OLE DB Provider is really simple. This provider makes developers' life a lot easy in order to make use of SQLite database. You may find sample code using ADO and ADO.NET.

You may visit CherryLog4Net page to find out more about how SQLite OLE DB Provider is used in .NET. CherryLog4Net is a log utility class library that comes along with C# source code. Most of you can use it 'AS IS'. However, you shall be able to customize the log utility easily in order to meet your needs.

Using SQLite OLE DB Provider in Visual Studio 2005 IDE

Using SQLite OLE DB Provider with Visual Studio 2005 IDE is very handy. You can readily add SQLite OLE DB Provider into Visual Studio 2005 IDE by adding Data connections via the OLE DB provider.

Using SQLite OLE DB Provider with SQL Server DTS

Refer to Using SQLite Provider to transfer SQLite data into SQL Server.


SQLite OLE DB Provider must be activated before you can use it. To activate it, you must download the provider and get your passcode from the Activator included in the package. Click here to get activation code.


Update History:

Date Changes
2007-01-20 Unlocked all features as long as it is activated; Fixed an activation defect; Improved performances
2006-10-06 Implemented GetColumnInfo on command object
2006-09-24 Implemented schema rowset for views
2006-09-17 Implemented ICommandPrepare interface
2006-08-03 Upgraded the provider with SQLite Engine 3.3.6 along with a minor exception fix
2006-03-05 Fixed a critical activation bug and a string parameter binding issue
2006-01-02 Fixed a binary input parameter binding issue
2005-11-27 Upgraded to support ADO.NET 2.0
2005-07-01 Corrected provider behavior on database exception
2005-06-23 Reduced provider size
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