MariaDB Provider


MariaDB is one of the most popular open source database engines. To learn more about MariaDB, please visit MariaDB Website.

You may download MariaDB, its tool and source code from MariaDB Website. The MariaDB OLE DB Provider is implemented with ATL OLE DB Provider templates so that the provider itself has small footprint even though the provider does not have many dependencies. You may use ADO or ADO.NET 2.0 to access data with MariaDB OLE DB Provider

Why Do You Need MariaDB OLE DB Provider

MariaDB OLE DB Provider can be used to access MariaDB database in your native code and .NET code as well. It has few dependency and is is very easy to use and very easy to deploy as well.

Most importantly, Cherry City Software MariaDB OLE DB Provider is the best OLE DB Provider for MariaDB database.


The following are the features that this MariaDB OLE DB Provider supports:

The current release was tested with MariaDB 10

MariaDB TIME is mapped to string. MariaDB ENUM, SET and GEOMETRY data types are not supported.

MariaDB Provider Connection String

Provider=MariaDB Provider; Data Source=MariaDBServerIP; User ID =MyID; Password=MyPassword; Initial Catalog=DatabaseName; Activation=TheActivationCode;


Working with MariaDB OLE DB Provider

Using MariaDB OLE DB Provider is simple if you have the knowledge of ADO or ADO.NET. The sample code is intended to demostrate how to use MariaDB OLE DB Provider. You may find sample code below that demostrate how to use MariaDB OLE DB Provider with ADO and ADO.NET. The sample will show you how to use the following features:

Using MariaDB OLE DB Provider with SQL Server DTS

MariaDB Provider is very similar to MySQL Provider as far as using it with SQL Server DTS. Refer to Using MySQL Provider to transfer MySQL data into SQL Server.


MariaDB OLE DB Provider must be activated before you can use it. To activate it, you must download the provider and get your passcode from the Activator included in the package. Click here to get activation code.


Update History:

Date Changes
2016-04-23 Updated after beta test
2015-07-15 Initial Release
MariaDB Provider (x64)
MariaDB Provider (x86)