Firebird OLE DB Provider


FireBird database is one of best embedded databases. It has excellent performance on concurrent access. To learn more about Firebird Database, please visit the Firebird Website.

Firebird client library comes with API's. Also, There is an C++ library that wraps those API's. You may download Firebird Client Library and its source code from the Firebird Website. The Firebird OLE DB Provider is a wrapper of those Firebird Client Library Version 1.5 API's. This provider is being implemented with ATL OLE DB Provider templates along with the Firebird C++ library. The privider itself has a relatively small footprint even though the provider does not have many dependencies. It only depends on Firebird Client Library along with Windows OS runtime. You may use ADO or ADO.NET 2.0 to access data with Firebird OLE DB Provider.


The following are the features that this Firebird OLE DB Provider supports:

* - All multiple dimension data arrays defined in the database will be retrieved as one dimension safearray. For input data array, multiple dimension arrays are not supported. However, you may use one dimension array as long as the one dimension array has exactly the same number of elements. string array is not supported.

Working with Firebird OLE DB Provider

Using Firebird OLE DB Provider is very similiar to using MySQL OLE DB Provider and SQLite OLE DB Provider. There is not much big difference. Of cause, the connection string is different. The example below demostrates how to use Firebird OLE DB Provider using ADO with Visual Basic. The sample code will show you the usage of the following features:

As far as record scroll and bookmarks usage, please refer to MySQL OLE DB Provider or SQLite OLE DB Provider.

Click to download the VB sample code


Firebird OLE DB Provider must be activated before you can use it. To activate it, download and install the provider and unzip it. Then read the readme.txt. Run the Activator included in the package to generate your passcode. Click here to get activation code.


Update History:

Date Changes
2007-01-20 Fixed an activation defect
2006-05-07 Removed Visual C++ 7.1/8.0 dependency; Added support of server-client architecture as well as embedded db and support for Firebird 1.5.3 and 2.0 beta release
2006-03-05 Fixed a critical activation bug
2005-11-27 Updated to support ADO.NET 2.0
2005-10-16 Changes were made to support Western charset and unicode
Firebird OLE DB Provider
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